Monday, April 10, 2023

Steno Etudes for Developers

Steno Etudes for Developers is the ever-marvelous jladdjr's new project for helping developers acquire and practice steno skills that are intended to be useful in their work.

He says:
Just got a Polyglot and am starting to use it at work! I tried to think of a way to create bite-sized lessons for writing Steno at work. I remembered how, when I was practicing trombone, I had a book of small practice pieces called "etudes". Tried channeling that idea to come up with some practice sessions for using steno in a dev. job. I'm thinking that as I actually do practice I could refine these mini lessons so that (hopefully) they'd create a helpful path for anyone else trying to do the same thing.

There are 10 small etudes available already, and I believe more are planned. Right now they're just focused on development terminology, but I imagine some more symbol-rich etudes would fit in perfectly with the project as well. If you're feeling intimidated by your practice regimen and looking for something that allows for quick, incremental improvement, give it a try!

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