Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Josiah Theory

An augmented steno layout adding ^ to * to use as a stroke modifier, some Magnum-style briefing principles, a Plover-like core, and a dictionary of around 30,000 words and phrases, many of them one-strokers: This is Josiah Theory, a new write-short method. From the GitHub:

Josiah, a random stenographer/coder, had an insatiable appetite for briefs and methods of shortening writing within the plover Discord.

Concerned members of the community began questioning Josiah's sanity, and in 23/11/2022, Kaoffie unveiled the hidden meaning behind Josiah's name, "Josiah" stands for "Just one stroke it all hahahahaha"

To celebrate the 30,000 user.json entries added to Josiah's dictionary after 2 years of steno, Josiah_theory emerged, with the aspiration of becoming a living meme.

Josiah_theory attempts to combine the best parts of every theory as well as random ideas from the plover discord to make writing as short as possible especially for common phrases and words.

With this being said, some writing out ideas are shown and is highly recommended at times to avoid hesitation.

A book is currently being written by Prof to accompany this theory (not publicly available yet).

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