Monday, January 16, 2012

New Donation Page

Wow, it's been an exciting couple of days. We've already collected $200 in Plover donations, and after receiving feedback from one donor, I've made a dedicated donation page for Plover, detailing exactly where the money goes. (Right now it all goes to help our devs write code for Plover without taking too much of a financial hit when they take time away from their day jobs or freelance work; later we might use some of it as seed money to start fabricating Plover hardware, like qwerty-to-steno keyboard overlays or low-cost USB steno keyboards that plug into a computer and immediately start outputting English when they receive steno input. I've never taken any money for Plover, and I don't intend to start. My own venal reason for founding the project was to bring more people into my profession so it doesn't collapse due to the ever-increasing shortage of stenographers. If I can help raise up the next generation of captioners, transcriptionists, and steno amateurs, I'll feel more than repaid for the money I've spent getting Plover developed.) Ever since landing on Hacker News, the interest in Plover has spiked dramatically, which is glorious. Later today I'm going to try to make an entry on our wiki detailing all the various jobs that we need help with and the current state of who's working on what. Thanks for all the email and offers of support I've gotten so far! It's so inexpressibly wonderful to see this tiny little two-person project explode into a complex and multivarious international community.


Mirabai Knight said...

Just got another $100 in donations. Woo-hoo!

Mirabai Knight said...

We're up to $360 in donations for the day so far! Yeehaw!

Mirabai Knight said...

Now we're up to $480, with donations from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Canada, and the US. The extent of everyone's generosity and good will has been mindblowing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Mirabai,
I'll first introduce myself. I am Lida Horlings and I own a (court)reporting agency in The Netherlands
Besides that I am chair of the Steering Committee of IPRS (INTERSTENO Parliamentary and other Professional Reporters' Section). For further information please visit
IPRS organises a meeting in Praque in October 2012 and the 49th congress of INTERSTENO will be held in Ghent (Belgium) in July 2013. For further information about the congress you can visit
We would like to pay attention (workshop?)to the Plover development at either our meeting in October 2012 or the congress in July 2013.
Will you please contact me at
Thank you!