Monday, April 27, 2015

Three Rad Things

First, Lars (of Steno Diary fame) has updated Erika's PloverLearn modules to include analytics, plus drills for common briefs! Check 'em out at HaxePloverLearn.

Second, Charles has produced another homemade steno keyboard that's even snappier-looking than the last one:


He also includes an illustrated assembly walkthrough with a bill of materials, which comes out to about $120 in total. Pretty dang slick!

And finally, Stan Sakai, the ever-glorious Plover Poster Boy, has produced a brilliant little three-minute captioned whiteboard video explaining the rudiments of steno:

I'm in awe not just of his artistic skills (he actually drew the Plover bird!!!), but of his power to break down complex concepts into simple examples that nearly anyone can grasp. Seriously a tour de force.


Unknown said...

Great post! It is really nice to see that people are actively getting involved with Plover, making their own stenograph machines, posting videos etc.

Mirabai Knight said...

Thanks! Yeah, Plover and The Open Steno Project in general have been humming along nicely! (':

Anonymous said...

What are those 8 black keys on the top row?

Mirabai Knight said...

That's the number bar. All 8 keys are identical; they just toggle "number mode" on when they're pressed alongside the letter keys.

Anonymous said...

I've been intending to both build a Planck and start learning steno when this semester is over, and I'm really excited that I might be able to kill two birds with one stone here.