Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stenosaurus Updates!

If you follow the Stenosaurus Blog, you already got these updates several days ago, but just in case you don't, have some beautiful pictures of the first fully assembled test unit!

Josh writes:

Obviously, I missed my stated goal of launching in 2015. I'm trying to find the right sauce with which to eat my hat. I'm also carving out more time to work on Stenosaurus. My new goal is to launch this month, which I think is realistic so long as we don't run into any unexpected hiccups. If we do, I'll detail them on the blog (hiccups are at least as interesting as good news) and I'll provide an updated estimated timeline right away.

Pretty exciting! Can't wait to see more!


Paul Beaudet said...

Hat eating might be a bit inside baseball... Not sure I understood the reference the first time I heard it.

Paulo Paniago said...

I believe it was not his hat:
“I will eat my shorts if I don't release Stenosaurus in 2015.”
(in 24/02/15 – Stenosaurus Google Groups “How about selling just the keys?”)!msg/stenosaurus/2sP1Ja510HY/FApZF1PFNMUJ
Mirabai, since I’m not very close to Josh, could you ask him to make a video on that, I had not yet seen anybody eating shorts! Ha ha ha!!!

anobo said...

I hope to have one in my hands at the end of the year. Hopefully Josh has digested his hat by then ;-).

Unknown said...

Hats are never tasty, no matter what sauce, but I would recommend steaming the hat first, and then use a nice hollandaise (grin) or really, 2.5 years to develop really so unreasonable? I certainly do not think so - I would think it takes three years. Heck, even the biggies (Android, iOS, Windows) take thousands of person-hours to get things going. We are still here, still breathing in and out (albeit, not holding our breath any longer, BUT), but I know I am terribly grateful! I hope the final version will be a plug-'n-play with the dictionary in the machine, too, but if not, I am still on board.

IF, as Paulo Paniago said, it is "shorts", t'ain't nuttin' that can help you choke a pair of those down! (Ew, gross!) (grin).

All to the "get real" place: Thank all of you for PLOVER software, truly the best, because it is so simple and stable. the Stenosaurus will be icing on the cake (err, not frosting on the shorts).

-- Mark Crossley, Sacramento CA
Certified Court Interpreter (RID/SC:L) and CART Provider

Unknown said...