Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Known Supported Keyboards Page Updated

It had been falling into desuetude, so I recently gave the Known Supported Keyboards page on the Wiki a bit of an update. I took off keyboards that were no longer available, put on some new ones like the Keyboardio and the Ergodox, and rearranged them in order of current price. The whole Wiki really needs some work, honestly; it's been quite a while since its last thorough revision. But this is probably the most important page currently on it, so I'm glad that at least it's up to date again, especially since we're on the brink of launching the Steno Arcade crowfunding campaign! If anyone wants to add additional user-tested keyboards or comments (or, indeed, feels like revising other pages on the Wiki), the help would be very much appreciated!


Dan Santos said...

The Stenograph Stentura 500 can be added to the "Confirmed working steno machines" section. I've just gotten mine up and running yesterday without hassle.

Unknown said...
^ It has n-key rollover!!!! Hooray!!

Mirabai Knight said...

Oooh, nice! Thanks for the link!