Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stenosaurus Gets One Step Closer

From The Stenosaurus Blog:
We've had printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) for the Stenosaurus for several months, but I've only recently been able to begin properly testing it. Here are the tests I've run so far:

Apply power. Nothing started smoking or even heating up. Success!

Program the Stenosaurus to monotonously blink its LEDs. This took a horrendously long time, not because the program was difficult to write or because something was broken, but because the development tool chain for actually compiling and then loading the code onto the Stenosaurus took a long time to get right. Nothing was particularly difficult, but I ended up going through four different laptops, at least as many operating systems for those laptops, and a few combinations of various compilers, linkers, debuggers, and programmers. I'm happy to report that I now have a setup that works and is reasonably easy to replicate so that others can also start developing on Stenosaurus. (Of course, there is only one assembled PCB in existence, but that will hopefully change soon.) What's more, the LEDs blink as expected. Success!

Program the Stenosaurus to blink the LEDs anytime a key is pressed. This was relatively straightforward and worked as expected for all keys. Success!

In short, everything is going well, though there's a lot more testing yet to do.
Hope to see even more new developments soon!


Mark said...

Excellent! Waiting on the first units!

Unknown said...

"Apply power. Nothing started smoking or even heating up. Success!" I had taken in too much bottled water and was going to mad-dash it to the bathroom when I decided to read whatsup with Stenosaurus? I burst out a loud HAHAHA! when I read this, and I think I am ready for them damn diapers now.