Friday, May 6, 2016

Steno Arcade: 67% Funded! New Songs Released!

There's a new release of Steno Arcade on Steam, featuring two new slow songs, with hopefully two more to come before the end of the campaign. We've got eight days left and 33% to go, so please spread the word and contribute if you can!

I've also recorded a video attempting to play the hardest level, I Feel Fantastic, on my new Planck. I only got 77%, but I still think that's a pretty decent showing for such a ridiculously speedy song. Anyone who'd like to beat my score is welcome to try! :'D


gdwarner said...

Not to be a big whiner or anything, but I can't find the "Download" link on Steam! Any pointers?

rprice said...

The link is labeled "Play Game" instead of "Download".

gdwarner said...

Ah, okay! Thank you.

I was confused, because the last version was an actual download.