Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Scott's Splitography Setup Video

This is a great video explanation on how to set up your new SOFT/HRUF Splitography, which I am quite enamored of these days. Nice work, Scott.

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Unknown said...

I decided to velcro this new version of SOFT/HRUF keyboard to a lapboard (I paid $16 for it on Amazon, and have three SOFT/HRUF keyboards -- the original and also the two split-keys.) The lapboard makes it very sturdy (using the velcro), and used the split-key one to caption for an online class a couple of times, because real-world practical application is the best way to determine its efficacy. It worked just fine! For those with a lighter stroke, this will require a bit more pressure, but it is very accurate. I know I now have three more writers to add to my collection (smile). I am so glad for all of the effort Scott put into developing this in order to provide an extremely reasonable machine to the masses - quite an accomplishment.

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Mark Crossley, RID/CSC&SC:L, NAD/MstrLevel:V, CCRA/CCG
Certified Court Interpreter (ASL) and Certified CART Provider
Sacramento, CA