Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Stenograph USB plugin

Diamante and Luminex owners, rejoice! You can now use your writers over USB with Plover. Just install the Plover Stenograph USB plugin, by our fantastic lead dev Ted. It might not work on Stenograph machines that are older than Diamante and Luminex, but still opens up a huge swath of pro steno users who might be curious about Plover. There's also a dictionary import/export plugin for major CAT software, including Eclipse, CaseCATalyst, and DigitalCAT. That one is still in testing, so if you install the plugin via the Plover 4 plugin manager and run into any problems, hop on the Discord and send a note to @marnanel, the developer. Slowly but surely we're building the bridge between the open source and proprietary worlds! It's very exciting. Even if court reporters still want to use their court reporting software for their daily court or deposition work, they can now use Plover for captioning or even just for using their steno machines with their computers for text input, novel writing, chatting with friends, or all the other hundred things that Open Steno fans have been using steno for over the last seven years, but which has been largely inaccessible to professional steno users. Anyone from the pro steno world who's induced by this post to dip a toe into the Plover world, please feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think!

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