Tuesday, April 3, 2018

New Weekly Released!

Our stalwart devs have released a new weekly version of Plover!

Mostly incremental changes to get ready for our next big release, but if any of these issues affect you, feel free to give this new version a try! And, as always, if you encounter anything unexpected, let our devs know on Github and/or in the #devs channel of the Plover Discord.


  • disable serial flow control settings when not applicable (this was known to cause weird issues when changed from default)
  • the paper tape now has improved support for non-Latin keys
  • the log files encoding is now always set to UTF-8 (so Unicode in translations is properly handled)
  • configuration changes by plugins are now fully validated before being applied
  • improve support for installing plugins from source
  • when running from a distribution, Plover can be started with --no-user-plugins to disable user plugins: the distribution default embedded plugins will still be available, so the plugins manager can be used to update/remove a problematic plugin
  • [Linux] fix crash when using a Microsoft keyboard
  • [Linux] fix crash when the window manager does not support the NETWM protocol (with commands like {PLOVER:ADD_TRANSLATION})

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