Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More Laptops with NKRO!

The number of NKRO-enabled laptops has been exploding recently! I've got an Alienware 13, and it honestly works pretty well with Plover, but it's a bit on the heavy side. Lead dev Ted has compiled a list of 11 laptops sporting NKRO keyboards, which offers much more choice than we've had up to this point. I'm not currently on the market for a new machine, but when I am I'll definitely be consulting this list, and I'm really happy to see this trend in new high-end and gaming-focused machines. I hope it keeps going!

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Ted Morin said...

I'm personally pretty excited for the Gigabyte Aero v8. I can't wait to try one out in stores and see how viable its keyboard is. It's the closest thing to an ultrabook with an n-key rollover keyboard that I've found.