Saturday, May 23, 2020

New Open Hardware NKRO Laptop

Check out the MNT Reform, a new open hardware Linux laptop with n-key rollover currently being funded on Crowd Supply.

Instead of following the trend of making ever thinner and smaller devices and sacrificing the typing experience, we decided to put a mechanical keyboard into Reform. Our open-hardware keyboard uses Kailh Choc Brown switches with 3 mm travel and 50 g operating force with n-key rollover and fully customizable firmware

This is quite heavy for steno, but you might be able to swap out the 50g springs for lighter ones. I can't use it myself, since I need a Windows-only app called Streamtext Connect for a lot of my work (booo), but otherwise it seems like a pretty cool machine! Support the crowdfunding campaign now, and get yourself a nice new steno deck!

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