Sunday, January 6, 2013

UK Spellings Dictionary

The fantastic hackers on the Plover Google Group have done it again. After a user in Australia requested a version of Plover's default dict.json file with UK/Australian/Canadian spellings, they came through in a matter of minutes:

So if you've been annoyed or frustrated by Plover's American-centric dictionary, or if you're just a shameful pretentious Anglophile (like me), now you can enjoy your open source steno* lexicon entirely Yank-free. Many thanks to Rob and Hesky for their lightning-quick delivery!

*No, we still don't support Palantype. Maybe someday. Then again, maybe not. (';


Brent and Jody Nesbitt said...

The links in this post erroneously prepend to them - so they don't work.
Perhaps they need a leading / ?

I was able to make them work by clicking, then deleting the leading part.

Mirabai Knight said...

Oh, wow! Sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know.