Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Plover + MIDI + Braille

Check out this mindbending video from Sillabix, a user of Michela steno, who recently got our devs to create a version of Plover that works with Michela input from a MIDI piano keyboard. Michela was originally developed to work with Italian, which has fewer orthographic oddities than English, requiring fewer keys, but it has been adapted to English as well, which is what's being shown here. It's somewhat slower than traditional English steno, but seriously cool. For added awesomeness, Sillabix integrated it with both a text-to-speech synthesizer and a Braille font, which presumably could be integrated into a refreshable Braille display for realtime tactile output. Pretty dang rad.

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Sillabix said...

Thanks for the interest shown in this application. Actually the theory I used for English was the one exposed by the inventor of the system in his original 1880 manual.